Diksesh Alright For You Pattern

It’s Alright For You

This is one of the most toxic patterns I see, popping up in moments of weakness, and keeping the person not only stuck but with that green eyed monster called jealousy.

It usually goes something like, it’s alright for you because you have time to go to the gym, or it’s alright for them because they can afford to take risks. There are lots of closely related toxic patterns in the same vein, for example the ‘if only I had’ or ‘I don’t have’ patterns.

All of these are centred around you lacking something, and others having some other inherent advantage, with smatterings how unfair the whole situation is.

Not only are these patterns not helpful, focusing on all the reasons why they can’t make the change, it puts a ton of energy into the outcomes of others and not the actions they took (read hard miles) to get there.

So if you find yourself wallowing in the it’s alright for you pit of despair, realise it really isn’t alright for you. Dust yourself down, and ask yourself:

  • Is this truly what I want
  • Am I prepared to pay the price for getting it
  • What are the steps I need to take
  • What support do I need
  • How can I get this support
  • What is the first step I can take

Whilst I’m not saying you’ll be Richard Branson or Usain Bolt, but you can most definitely become a better and more well off version of yourself.