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Mindset Transformation

With the right mindset it is possible to achieve much more than you ever believed possible, endure and persist through setbacks, and attract positive things into your life. 

Conversely having the wrong mindset will hinder you from making progress in almost every aspect of your life as well as have a toxic effect on relationships with loved ones and work colleagues.

If you had said this to me only a few years ago, I would have thought you were some hippy happy clappy chappy that has drunk ‘The Secret’ Kool Aid. Perhaps you’re thinking the same of me now, but let me explain…

I’m not somehow suggesting that if you sit and cross your legs, say some affirmations, envision it then somehow a pile of money will land in your lap. Success is not some passive thing to be confused with luck, you will have to take consistent action.

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

So to illustrate the difference that mindset can have, let’s consider a not entirely fictional story about Joe (not his real name) in a somewhat sliding doors scenario.

After several months doing his research, Joe invested money in a refurb property project, which he intends to resell soon as the work is completed. Until recently work has been progressing on track with his lead contractor managing all the works.

It’s late on a Friday when Joe gets the call, we’ve hit a problem… Turns out the electrics are not up to the required standards and the whole place needs rewiring. To compound matters the neighbours have complained to the council about the excessive noise and will no longer allow them to work at weekends or late into the evening.

Stressed Out

Wrong Mindset, Wrong Outcome

As Joe hangs up the phone, thoughts are swirling around his head. The impact of the increased costs and how much longer the work is going to take eating into his profit.

He’s now stressed out and his whole weekend is ruined, at a family BBQ he was generally grouchy and lost it with his children – they just don’t get the pressure I’m under.

Kick About

React Or Respond, It’s Your Choice

For a moment consider an alternative scenario, one where Joe is better equipped to deal with things, yet the circumstances are the same. Joe receives the call, calmly he acknowledges the situation and empathises with his lead contractor, thanking him for sharing the bad news.

He asks clarrying questions and gets to the root of the issues, including the altercation between one of the sub-contractors and a neighbour where they blocked their driveway. After the call he writes out the separate problem statements and draws up an action plan for Monday.

Nothing is going to happen between now and Monday, and I’m not going to let it ruin my weekend. He closes his home office door and goes downstairs, grabs a beer and sits with his family. At the BBQ he’s present with his family and plays with the children, indeed his cousin comments, ‘Joe is such a big kid still’.

New Mindset, New Results

Different Mindset, Different Outcome

When Monday comes around, he goes around to the site, apologises to the offended neighbour with a bottle of wine smoothing things over and explains how important it is to get the works completed. The neighbour now has agreed to allow for work to be carried out until early evening and on a Saturday.

Talking to the electrician he finds out what the problem with the wiring is, and asks calmly what would need to happen to avoid rewiring the place. The electrician thinks for a moment and says I guess if we modernised the sockets and moved them up a bit and swapped out the fuse box that would work.

Same problem, but with very different outcomes thanks adopting the right mindset.

How Do You Feel

What About You?

Think back to a time where things have not gone your way, perhaps it felt like the world or universe even was somehow plotting against you, with one crisis happening after another.

Have you got something in mind, can you feel how you felt back then? Does it feel like a 9 or 10 in terms of your experience?

Now imagine that in that same moment you had been working with me for a few months prior to these events, and we’ve installed the right mindset. It no longer feels like a 9 or a 10, it’s more like a 2 or maybe a 3 at most.

Bring It On

Now Bring It On

You know unpleasant stuff happens in life from time to time, and yet you now consider it has been somehow sent to test your resilience. With a deep breath and maybe even a little calm grin you say to yourself ‘bring it on’.

From that place you are far more likely to find creative solutions to your problems and the stress and overwhelm won’t take hold. What’s more you’ll have better relationships with others as you will find yourself less up in your own head and more present with others.

Trust me, nobody wants to spend their time with negative people that are stuck in their own head. The moment it all began to change for me was when my friend and now mentor called me out on it when at a supermarket checkout, but that’s another story.

So if you want the power of the right mindset in your toolbox for your life then get in touch and let’s see how we can work together.

Want A Better Mindset?

What could you achieve with the right mindset? How has yours been holding you back until now?