Diksesh Mind Nutrition

Nutrition For The Mind

Anyone that is serious about their health and fitness pays careful attention to what passes their lips.

Those looking to maintain their mindset and peace need to pay the same attention to what passes in through their eyes and ears. Where do you get your information?

Much of the media has biases of one or another. Then there are the mistruths on social media. To cap it off the so called gurus looking to make a quick buck from your misery. Consider the source of the information and their purpose.

You start scrolling on the app that is designed to trap your attention, and before you know it 5 minutes turns to ten, then twenty. Did it somehow enrich your life or steal away that precious resource that you can’t get back?

So next time you reach for your phone to fill in time with that social media app or video of kittens, check in with a friend instead. Change the TV channel to something that lifts your spirits.