Diksesh Crisis Be Your Making

Will Crisis Be The Making

There is a lot of bad news out there for sure, and a lot of uncertainty. When faced with this you can take the shed all costs approach cutting back to the bone, or the more pragmatic allocate resources effectively option.

All of your competitors are retreating, laying off and dropping the ball with customer service. Are you going to do the same or go grab some territory?

The same is true of the stock market, people are selling off on the slightest down turn and ending up losing lots of money as realised loss. The volatility means that there will be people and companies being burned, multiple times!

The same is true for property investing, sure things are harder to raise funds. But rather than double down and get great deals many are looking at pulling their money out.

As the famous CEO Andy Grove of Intel once said, “Bad companies go under in a crisis. Good companies survive a crisis. Great companies are improved by them”.

Which one will you be, follow the herd or break new ground?