Diksesh Tactics Vs Strategy

Tactics vs Strategy

There are times you will employ tactics, yet don’t confuse this for strategy. They are very different things, and over the longer timeframe strategy will always win.

A tactic is something that tends to be short term, a quick hack if you will, such as reducing price of your product or service to get people through the door or time limiting an offer to introduce some sense of scarcity and loss.

There will always being people looking for shortcuts in building in a sustainable profitable business. There will always be those peddling those tactics on social media and other channels.

I’m not saying that tactics can’t work, at least in the short term. The problem is when you confuse this with setting direction and strategy, identifying your target customers and market fit for instance.

Too often I see people working in their business rather than on their business. The person that has discounted their margins so much that they don’t have enough cashflow to survive. Or the person that is the business and has taken on too many low value clients that they have no time to service.

Tactics should only come after you have decided your strategy and always be in support of it. What’s your mission, what’s your why?