Diksesh Excess Baggage

Make Forgiving Part Of Your Practice

We all carry some emotional baggage around with us, just some more than others.

The thing is imagine yourself carrying around a heavy bag in both hands, one on your back, one on your front and another balanced on your head. Doesn’t sound very comfortable now does it, and yet it is us choosing to carry this load.

One practice my mentor and good friend invited me to do is to forgive quicker, and heed the words of Yoda that hate leads to the dark side. As he puts it, “forgiving someone does not mean that you allow them to take advantage of you or that you forget what has been done”.

When we forgive those that have wronged us, whether intentional or unintentional, we let go of the the negative feelings associated with it. More often than not it is us not the other party that has this emotional drain, and as he goes on to say “how is this helping you”.

It is entirely up to you whether you tell the other party that you have forgiven them, or whether you just act from this place and keep it to yourself. Either way you will feel a sense of relief.

Make forgiving part of your day to day practice, forgive those things you’ve carried since childhood, or your first job, the business partner that screwed up, the relationship that went sour, well you get the picture.

Forgive quicker, move on, and you’ll move quicker without that excess baggage charge.