Diksesh Keeping Score

Keeping Score

Before I enlisted the help of a body transformation coach, when I went to the gym I’d go around with the plan I had in my head. I knew which pieces of equipment I wanted to use and roughly in which order.

The idea of writing down my sets, reps, weight… well that was for those that didn’t know what they were doing!

How wrong I was, my coach helped me understand the importance of having a plan, but also tracking my progress and using it to drive my transformation forward — not in some random that’s how much I felt I could press that day but in a structured programme backed by years of scientific research.

The thing about keeping score is that without it you don’t truly know if you’re winning, and if you’re not what factors to adjust in order to meet your goal. I would go so far as to say that if you don’t the chances of you failing increase many times over.

I get it, it’s a pain walking around with paper and pen, or pulling out your phone and plugging the numbers into it. Ask yourself though, what’s a bit of admin.