Healthy Eating With Diksesh

Plan Your Shop

If your serious about changing your body shape, then you’ll know the importance of planning your meals – something I work closely with my clients to define and refine.

So maybe you’re convinced about the need to plan your meals ahead of time, and perhaps you’ve taken on board my advice to batch your meal prep to save time and money. Honestly this has been a game changer for me.

Yet am always shocked at the people I see aimlessly wondering around the aisles of the supermarket, pulled in by the special offers or because they are looking inspiration from the refrigerator cabinet.

It’s these moments of weakness that allow that little pudding to find its way into your trolley or you go overboard on something that wasn’t even on your meal plan – you may have saved a pound but are you gaining one?

My advice is to plan your shop ahead of time, do it on the basis of your meal plans and don’t deviate. The picture of the checkout belt is from a recent trip, you’ll notice the unprocessed foods and well balanced. I used a shopping list, if I ain’t on the list then just twist.

For those that really are too weak willed to follow my advice, always shop after you’ve eaten, and consider doing your shopping online where you can save your favourite items for quick re-ordering.