Cascading Failure

Avoid Cascading Failure

You know the saying, one thing leads to another, well as another saying goes — where there’s smoke there’s fire.

I see this with my clients, and truth be told I’ve been there myself too. It starts with the offer of a G&T, a slice of birthday cake, or insert your choice of weakness here. The next thing you find yourself tucking into something else, what the heck you’ve already cheated what difference does it make and who’s counting.

Well truth is, your body is, and your lack of progress is the consequence. Don’t lose the weight you were expecting perhaps one thing to another and you’ve skipped your steps or eaten a cake or two or sunk a couple of bevvies.

Now I’m not saying you need to be a saint, but don’t kid yourself when you do fall off the wagon. It happens to all of us, though the morning after stop making excuses and stop beating yourself up — its happened and you can’t change your past actions but don’t let these past choices drive your future behaviour.

You’re life is not a set of dominoes, don’t justify current choices based upon past weaknesses, you don’t need cascading failure.

When I have weekly check ins with clients, we openly talk about challenges and bouncing back from going off track. Make sure you are true to yourself, and yes it is easier if you have someone that holds you to account.